Buyer Network

As we work with start-up and early stage CEOs, it has become clear that in addition to talent, these CEOs would like two things: unvarnished feedback on their solutions/messaging and curated high level executive access to buyers.

We are creating a network of more than 100 recently retired healthcare executives who will provide this unvarnished feedback and curated high-level executive access.

We are focused on recently retired healthcare executives because: 1) they typically have 5 to 25 very strong relationships with current healthcare executives 2) they want to stay in the game and be part of transforming the industry 3) they have time for such endeavors.

Each month, the retired executives select which start-up CEO delivered video-conference they would like to view to both learn about the solution and provide unvarnished feedback to the CEO.

Following these education/feedback sessions, the retired executives set up in-person meetings with current healthcare executives with whom they have a strong relationship (i.e., potential buyers).

For each completed meeting, the retired executive receives a fee depending on the size of the health system.  In addition, the retired executive receives a small percentage of the service and product revenue for a specific duration of time following the meeting. These monies are paid directly to the retired executive or to a charity of their choice, whichever they prefer.


Start-up CEO conducts video conferences to educate retired healtcare executives about their solution and get 'unvarnished' actionable feedback on both the solution and its messaging


The retired healthcare executives decide where to secure meetings, get approval from the start-up CEO, and schedule first meetings with current healthcare executives


The current healthcare executives also provide 'unvarnished actionable feedback' and most importantly indicate whether their organizations would be interested in further evaluating the solution

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