Candidate Network

With our specialization, we have developed a large network of A-player relationships in digital health growth roles (marketing, sales, business development, product and services).

On a typical search, about ½ of the candidates come from our pre-identified network and ½ come from research specific to the search, a balance which we believe provides an optimal search outcome. On both a proactive and search by search basis, we continue to add to this network.

In general, the characteristics of those in our candidate network include:

  • Passionate about transforming healthcare

  • Strong academic background

  • Consistent track record of results across multiple roles

  • Career progression well ahead of their peers

  • Little job hopping but always pulled to the next big opportunity

The network is based on the over 500 digital health companies that have been funded over the past four years and over 250 other proven feeder sources

  • Role (e.g., marketing versus sales)

  • Level (e.g., VP versus Director)

  • Solution focus (i.e., provider, payer, patient, hybrid)

  • Digital health theme (e.g., analytics / big data, consumer engagement)

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