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Bo Manning
Managing Partner
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Jodi Olin
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The Story Behind M2 Executives

M2 Executives was founded and is managed by Bo Manning, an accomplished three-time CEO with experience in leading companies funded by prestigious firms like Goldman, Kleiner, and Benchmark Capital. Bo boasts a proven track record of developing exceptional talent and building strong leadership teams, having successfully recruited numerous talented professionals across various industries and organizations.

Earlier in his career, Bo had the good fortune of building four businesses. He learned that the fundamental difference maker for companies was the leadership team, the people they hired for their teams, and the culture they created.

Along the way, he worked with several of the best executive search firms in the country. He was recruited to three different roles (in three different cities across the country!) and used recruiters to build four different management teams. While these experiences were positive, Bo developed the belief that there was a better way to do executive recruiting.

To learn the application of technology to healthcare, Bo held a variety of marketing, business development, sales, and delivery leadership roles at a billion-dollar high growth player in the field. Based on this experience, Bo became convinced that technology could transform the broken healthcare system in the US.

To make his contribution to this transformation, Bo established M2 Executives in 2014. The mission of M2 Executives is to help VCs, CEOs, and other company leaders hire A-players to deliver their vision, especially as it pertains to the growth roles within the business.

About Us

Today, Bo and his team have recruited hundreds of game-changing GTM professionals for the digital health companies that are building the future of healthcare. We are passionate about helping our clients build highly successful companies and helping candidates elevate their careers.

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