Process Makes A Difference
We have refined our search process over 10 years to optimize candidate quality, focus client time where it matters, and complete searches as fast as possible (generally 7 weeks)
We base our approach on the science of our proprietary Success Profile concept.
Our Success Profile is based on the five best predictors of success in a new role:
Info Graphic depicting the five best predictors of success in a new role.

Domain experience

Clarify requirements and tradeoffs and stick to them

Career Trajectory

Use this approach to look at many and quickly narrow focus

Performance Track record

Consistent achievement of results is best indicator

Cultural Fit

Focus on cultural markers not talk

Career Motivation

Understand prior career decisions and life situation

Our approach is subtly but profoundly different from typical approaches. 
We believe these differences result in superior search outcomes.
  • A senior operating executive conducts all phases of the search process. Every aspect of the search is too important to delegate to junior staff (managed by over committed partners).
  • Because we are highly specialized, we have developed a large network of A-player relationships in digital health growth roles (our Star Network).
  • We use our experience to clearly specify the role, beginning with defining the targeted business outcomes that will define A-player performance.
  • We benchmark the profiles of people in similar roles at admired companies and competitors to provide market insight to inform all subsequent steps in the process.
  • Through out Success Profile, we define the search and evaluation criteria that then drive all aspects of both the candidate sourcing and interviewing processes.
  • We use these evaluation criteria to intensely focus on the right candidate sources, not just the convenient ones, including both our known networks and candidate search tools.
  • We drive high levels of candidate engagement by presenting opportunities to candidates in a way that directly and personally connects to their aspirations.
  • We bring Topgrading to the interview process. Topgrading is a highly developed assessment methodology that induces candidate candor and focuses on the factors that best predict future performance.
  • We do reference checking the right way. We do not rely on casual back channeling or candidate cherry picked references.
  • We optimize our client’s time by forwarding only candidates that meet the evaluation criteria, participating in select interviews to further understand client perspectives, and providing interview input/coaching if needed.

 Realize your digital health vision with the right talent.

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